What the Hell is Isadora Duncan Dance?

Are you a dancer? A non-dancer? Have you heard of Isadora Duncan? Come learn the basic concepts of Isadora Duncan dance and find out why she is one of the "mothers of modern dance." Learn the underlying movements, exercises, and basic Duncan "vocabulary" moves. Isadora Duncan was falling out of her Grecian tunics and dancing barefoot in the days of corsets and long skirts and her sensuality and stage presence were renowned. Wear comfortable clothes for dancing and no shoes or socks only please!
Feb. 22, 2015, 2 p.m. - 3 p.m.
Thomas Paine A&B

About the Teacher - Red Velvet

Red Velvet, a life-long dancer, has performed in musical theater and burlesque throughout the U.S. and internationally.   Red Velvet is proficient in various dance forms and teaches classes in burlesque, cancan, and Isadora Duncan dance.    Red Velvet is co-artistic director of a monthly show, DIVA or Die Burlesque, and is artistic director of the cancan troupe, The Velvettes.  She has performed with the award-winning Hot Pink Feathers and award-winning Flaunt Follies, Bombshell Betty’s Burlesqueteers, Alegria Samba Dance Company, and was artistic director for the dance group Pretty, Pretty Please.   Her burlesque performances have won Judge’s Choice at the 2019 Arizona Burlesque Festival, Most Classic at the 2016 Great Burlesque Exposition and Most Humorous at the 2014 Great Burlesque Exposition.  She co-created five full-length burlesque/cabaret/theater productions: Rebel without a Bra, At the White Rabbit Burlesque, Hotel Burlesque, Just Another Zombie Holiday Show, and Dollhouse Monsters.  She loves bringing her crazy ideas on stage for your enjoyment.  Come and Try a Slice of Red Velvet!