Marketing: How do I reach people?

This 60 minute class helps to understand options you have and why you should be promoting your shows in all of them. Learn what works, what doesn't, and how to plan things to help them work for you. Get real world information to strengthen your marketing plan. Social Media, Press Releases, Stunts and more will be discussed. Q&A last 15 minutes. Lili VonSchtupp has 10 years of radio production & sales, and has produced over 500 live burlesque events, including a gallery show & the Hollywood Burlesque Festival in the last 9 years.
Feb. 22, 2015, 1 p.m. - 2 p.m.
William Dawes B

About the Teacher - Lili VonSchtupp

Lili VonSchtupp made her debut performance at the legendary Derby in Hollywood CA, on a starry Monday night in September of 2004. She's performed headlined, emceed, and taught classes at Viva Las Vegas, The Great Burlesque Expo, The New York Burlesque Festival, The Hawaii Burlesque Festival, The Las Vegas Burlesque Festival, The Vermont Burlesque Festival, and was the founder and producer of The Hollywood Burlesque Festival. Lili was featured twice at #40 and #42 on the 21st Century Burlesque's Top 50 Industry Professionals and was featured as one of the top 13 burlesque performers in Los Angels by Timeout LA. Her weekly burlesque show, Monday Night Tease has been featured internationally in many press outlets. Having worked with Satan's Angel, and studied with many burlesque legend educators and performers, Lili's 13 plus years in performing plus 10 years teaching and producing serves as great grounding in the art of burlesque. As producer of Monday Night Tease! est. 2003, Friday Night Happy Hour, Burlesque After Dark, and The Hollywood Burlesque Festival, Lili has booked over 600 live burlesque shows and worked with both local, national and international talent. Her unique experience as a performer and a producer allows her the eye to understand what works artistically for the performer as a work of art, and from the audience perspective of entertainment. Serving the art form and the consumer is her expertise.