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  • Too Darn Hot! 150 Years of Burlesque History in America

    A sizzling burlesque history class that answers the question "What is burlesque?" & explaining its place in the American entertainment industry over the past 150 years since its debut in NYC. This class focuses in on Boston based perfomers and old vaudeville theatres in Massachusetts but can also be much more broad as it touches on the burlesque touring circuits nationwide. Touches on the fashion, politics, etc surrounding burlesque performers.


    Sept. 5, 2021, 3 p.m. - 4 p.m.
    Barton Room
    Barton Room at
    The Bridge at 211
    211 Bridge St.
    First floor
    Salem, MA 01970

    About the Teacher - Lady LaRouge

    Lady LaRouge is a spunky, sweet, sass master who hails from Worcester MA, the Dirty Woo, ! As a body positive babe- you may have seen her shake her hips around town as she loves performing burlesque. She was a founding member of The Baphomettes {a Salem based troupe} & has shimmied all over the state, most notably at: the Opus Underground in Salem, the Boston and Massachusetts Tattoo Conventions, in Boston and Worcester respectively,  at The Middle East Night Club, Sonia, in Cambridge, as well as part of Secret Walls/ Pow! Wow! Mural Festival - an international arts festival that sets up base in her hometown each summer. Her focus as of late has been to bring more bumps and grinds to Central Massachusetts by performing at Ralph's Rock Diner, Bull Mansion and the Hibernian Society! Lady LaRouge has also taught burlesque history classes with a focus on the history of tassel twirling here in MA  - as well as an intro to Burly Q dance worksop to get beginners in the groove! She believes all bodies are burlesque bodies and she wants to see you shed some skin! When not on stage she loves helping out behind the scenes of shows - picking up panties or smothering Slutcracker babes in glitter, or helping with logistics of festivals. Away from the stage, Lady LaRouge strums her ukulele, sings showtunes, dances, and takes long candlelit bubble baths to soak away all the blood, sweat, tears, and cum that accompany the showgirl life.