How To Apply

There are three steps to applying for The Great Burlesque Exposition:

  1. Creating Your Submission
  2. Purchasing Your Application Fee
  3. Submitting Your Act

Think of it like sending a letter through the mail.  The first step is you write the letter, maybe you re-write a couple of times, maybe you let it sit on your desk for a little while until you're 100% certain you want to send it.  On our site, you can create your Act Application and save it to come back and edit later.  Then you need to go to the post office to buy a stamp – that's your application fee.  You can't mail a letter without a stamp, and you can't submit an act without an application fee.  You can write multiple letters (you can create several applications for different acts) but you're going to need a stamp (application fee) for each one you want to send.  Last, once you've put the stamp on the letter, you have to mail it; it doesn't mail itself automatically.  So once you've finalized your act (on our site), and paid your application fee (at Brown Paper Tickets), you still need to click the submit button to send the application in.