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  • Shaped Pastie Making Workshop

    Ever wonder how you make pasties into a shape?  Here's your chance to try it hands on.  We'll make the eternally adorable and classic heart shaped pasties, with tassels.  There will be a kit, that includes:

    • pastie pattern, with some options on sizing
    • base buckram
    • some heart appropriate covering fabric
    • edge decoration
    • tassels

    Students will assemble pasties in class, and - if time permits - get some time to try their new creations out.  In the process, we'll cover the techniques needed to create any pastie and talk through other tricks to making shaped pasties.

    Kit costs $5

    Jan. 7, 2018, 1 p.m. - 2:30 p.m.
    Molly Pitcher

    About the Teacher - Betty Blaize

    Betty Blaize, 6' of Fun... is a veteran of the Boston Burlesque scene. She's a founding member of the Boston Babydolls with a background in belly dance, Indian classical dance and martial arts, and... computer science. She's also the web mistress for this site and an ardent artisan, making a substantial number of costumes for herself and the Boston Babydolls.