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  • Go-to Choreo

    Learn some basic building blocks for choreography that you can adapt and fit into almost any classic BurlyQ peice.  These snippets are fun to learn, fun to drill and a great go-to when you are buliding a dance style choreography.  Each piece will focus on a few dancerly strengths that will enhance your dance and movement capabilities and get you thinking about clean technique.

    Class will include:

    • 3-5 short snippets of choreography
    • choregraphed for classic burlesque music
    • with ideas for simplificiation or enhanced stylings
    • pointers on what the choregraphy teaches/highlights

    At the end of class we'll play with chaining these bits together into numbers and mixing and matching the music to get a different vibe.

    Students should bring shoes they can dance in and clothing that enables enthusiastic dance.  Prepare to sweat!

    Jan. 6, 2018, 1 p.m. - 2 p.m.
    Thomas Paine A&B

    About the Teacher - Betty Blaize

    Betty Blaize, 6' of Fun... is a veteran of the Boston Burlesque scene. She's a founding member of the Boston Babydolls with a background in belly dance, Indian classical dance and martial arts, and... computer science. She's also the web mistress for this site and an ardent artisan, making a substantial number of costumes for herself and the Boston Babydolls.