Panel: Is Burlesque Growing Up or Blowing Up?

My how times change.  Less than 15 years ago almost everyone in the burlesque community knew almost everyone else and conflict was most often settled by conversation.  A few years later disputes in the now vastly expanded burlesque world were decided by the court of social media.  Today, burlesque performers are settling their differences through the legal system – often with extreme results.

Is this new dynamic a sign that burlesque has become a "real" industry or evidence that we're imploding? What changes do we foresee in the coming years? Is this the end of the burlesque world as we know it or just another wave of change to be waited out?

Jan. 6, 2018, 4 p.m. - 5 p.m.
William Dawes B

About the Moderator - Mr. Scratch

Scratch is the founding chair of The Great Burlesque Exposition and the director and producer of The Boston BeauTease (formerly The Boston Babydolls).

About the Panelist - Lili VonSchtupp

Lili VonSchtupp made her debut performance at the legendary Derby in Hollywood CA, on a starry Monday night in September of 2004. She's performed headlined, emceed, and taught classes at Viva Las Vegas, The Great Burlesque Expo, The New York Burlesque Festival, The Hawaii Burlesque Festival, The Las Vegas Burlesque Festival, The Vermont Burlesque Festival, and was the founder and producer of The Hollywood Burlesque Festival. Lili was featured twice at #40 and #42 on the 21st Century Burlesque's Top 50 Industry Professionals and was featured as one of the top 13 burlesque performers in Los Angels by Timeout LA. Her weekly burlesque show, Monday Night Tease has been featured internationally in many press outlets. Having worked with Satan's Angel, and studied with many burlesque legend educators and performers, Lili's 13 plus years in performing plus 10 years teaching and producing serves as great grounding in the art of burlesque. As producer of Monday Night Tease! est. 2003, Friday Night Happy Hour, Burlesque After Dark, and The Hollywood Burlesque Festival, Lili has booked over 600 live burlesque shows and worked with both local, national and international talent. Her unique experience as a performer and a producer allows her the eye to understand what works artistically for the performer as a work of art, and from the audience perspective of entertainment. Serving the art form and the consumer is her expertise.

About the Panelist - Roxy Stardust

Roxy Stardust: International Travelling "GlasVegas" Showgirl Burlesque, GoGo Dancer and Cabaret Performer.

Described as "Explosively Gallus" and dubbed the” Powerhouse of Scottish Burlesque,"  Roxy Stardust brings 100% to each performance and so much more! She has performed  throughout the UK, Europe and has toured the US multiple times. She has shared a bill  with some of the world's premier performers and delighted audience members both at  home and internationally.    Roxy is a pioneer of the neo-burlesque scene in Scotland. She is recognised as one of the  top producers of Scottish burlesque and cabaret and has played a vital role in the revival  of burlesque throughout Scotland. Roxy is producer of the “Glasgow Festival of Burlesque”,  “Roxy’s Round-Up: Cabaret  Showcase” which encourages new performers to take their first steps on stage and  holds residencies at both of Glasgow’s top cabaret venues. She is a frequent and popular host  at the Edinburgh Fringe and  and produces Scotland’s only monthly independently produced  burlesque showcase.    She’s a trained singer, actress and an experienced compere experienced at handling the  even most raucous of crowds with her usual Glaswegian tact… or perhaps lack of. Roxy  can often also be found performing as her Drag King alter ego “Rodeo McGregor” or as  her sassy grandmother “Granny Stardust” both of whom have many acts of there own!