Cardio Dance Tease

Leave your heels at home ladies and gentlemen.  We’re bringing sexy back…and The Macarena!  This cardio dance class is infused with a variety of dance styles.  Routines are simple yet song specific and some of the movements are repetitive.  You will be instructed on several fun and short dance combinations.  As usual we will begin with a warm up and cooling down.  You will have a myriad of moves to pull out of your dance belt to use to tease or in whichever way you please!  



Jan. 7, 2018, 9 a.m. - 10 a.m.
Thomas Paine A&B

About the Teacher - Jenny Jewels

Jenny Jewels has been teaching fitness dance inspired classes such as Cardio Showgirl/Burlesqe, Cardio Latin, Cardio Pop,  and Belly/Bollywood Fit, for over 10 years. 

She is and avid salsa dancer who has taught, presented, and performed with the Cuban style salsa performance group, Salsa Vale Todo, at the San Francisco Salsa Rueda Featival for many years.

In the last two years Jenny has recently persued her longtime interest in burlesqe dancing and performing.  She is part of the Bombshell Betty Showgirl Chorus group in San Francisco, has performed in the Fishnet Follies Showgirl group,  and more recently is one of  the newest members of the Velevettes Can-Can  performance group! 

 Please join Jenny for a fun,flirty, and invigorating Showgirl/Burlesqe inspired fitness dance class to warm you  up and start your dance filled day!