Putting Yourself Out There (or: How Not to Piss Off Producers)

The shows are out there, but how do you get into them?  Put your best foot forward by introducing yourself to producers the right way.  This class covers research, cold-emails, virtual press kits, and things that might keep you from getting booked, complete with examples.

Jan. 7, 2018, 1 p.m. - 2 p.m.
William Dawes B

About the Teacher - Moxie LaBouche

Moxie LaBouche performs and produces burlesque around the mid-Atlantic and beyond, specializing in a style known as “nerd-lesque,” which involves dressing up as (then undressing as) beloved fictional characters. Her style as a performer tends toward the silly, portraying everything from a washed-up beauty queen to giant barbarian knight to Grover from Sesame Street, though she has a penchant for the dramatic, as well. Moxie has produced tributes to Jim Henson, Archer, Mel Brooks, and of course the works of George R. R. Martin. She was also a presenter in the 2016 TEDxRVA.