Stretching Your Mind

Burlesque deals a lot with stretching... not just physically but, more importantly, stretching your brain and the brains of others around you! How do we continue to "stretch" our brains, stretch our performance abilities, stretch our art, and keep our interest in burlesque fresh, new, vibrant and innovative? This panel will discuss how to stretch your brain, how to be innovative, and how to keep a fresh outlook on your ideas, acts, and art! Where do you go for ideas? How do you make old ideas new? How do you bring a fresh perspective to re-cycled ideas and to acts you have done again and again and again?
Feb. 6, 2016, 3 p.m. - 4 p.m.
William Dawes B

About the Teacher - Red Velvet

Red Velvet, a life-long dancer, has performed in musical theater and burlesque throughout the U.S. and internationally.   Red Velvet is proficient in various dance forms and teaches classes in burlesque, cancan, and Isadora Duncan dance.    Red Velvet is co-artistic director of a monthly show, DIVA or Die Burlesque, and is artistic director of the cancan troupe, The Velvettes.  She has performed with the award-winning Hot Pink Feathers and award-winning Flaunt Follies, Bombshell Betty’s Burlesqueteers, Alegria Samba Dance Company, and was artistic director for the dance group Pretty, Pretty Please.   Her burlesque performances have won Judge’s Choice at the 2019 Arizona Burlesque Festival, Most Classic at the 2016 Great Burlesque Exposition and Most Humorous at the 2014 Great Burlesque Exposition.  She co-created five full-length burlesque/cabaret/theater productions: Rebel without a Bra, At the White Rabbit Burlesque, Hotel Burlesque, Just Another Zombie Holiday Show, and Dollhouse Monsters.  She loves bringing her crazy ideas on stage for your enjoyment.  Come and Try a Slice of Red Velvet!

About the Panelist - Cherie Nuit

Creeping out of the darkness, hailing from the mystical land of Baltimore, comes the darling of the night, the girl who's weird in all the best ways! As a classically trained actress with a degree specializing in performance art, Cherie now finds herself as an innovator and boundary pusher in the DC/Baltimore area as well as a co-producer of Hot Night Productions, the show where bump-and-grind meets blow-your-mind! As if producing wasn't enough, Cherie is also a co-founder of Baltimore's Neo-Burlesque troupe Bawdy Shop Burlesque. With her fellow Bawdies they bring an uncompromising commitment to their work. Nothing is half-assed... it's full-assed or nothing! Nothing can stop this vivacious and curvaceous bad-ass as she makes her way across the country! Known for her award winning numbers at the Great Burlesque Exposition, Alterna-Tease Neo-Burlesque Festival, and Great Southern Exposure, Cherie Nuit can also be found performing semi-regularly in NYC as well as nationally. In an article featuring Cherie Burlesque Beat says "This is the burlesque I love: funny, provocative and strange." Audiences, you're not ready for this. Bringing light to the darkness, it's Chérie Nuit, Baltimore's darling of the night.

About the Panelist - Mimi maShuga

Mimi maShuga has graced stages across the Northwest with her own twist on sexy sass and a ridiculous sense of humor that is nothing short of infectious. She's known in her hometown as "Boise's Jewish Lesbian," because she seems to be the only one. She's a scintillation sensation and pushes the sexual comfort levels of all involved. Watch out ladies, she may just make YOUR man blush, and make you wanna trip down the yellow brick road with a sparkly unicorn.

About the Panelist - Scandal from Bohemia

Scandal from Bohemia, the Weapon of Ass Destruction, has been getting ridiculously naked or nakedly ridiculous since 2007. Since then, she has performed in the United States, Canada, France, and Italy as well as being named Most Humorous in 2010′s Great Burlesque Expo in Boston, Most Unexpected Reveal, and Grand Supreme at 2015's Seattle Burlesque Games. Whether her acts involve ten foot long stuffed snakes, tomato soup can shimmy belts, or inappropriately placed bologna, audiences will leave shows understanding that Naked Is Funny.

About the Panelist - Vixen Valentine

Vixen Valentine is the Mistress of Misbehaving and the learned the do’s and do often’s of burlesque in her hometown of Seattle, WA, USA. With a background in acting, physical theater and vocal work Ms.Valentine brings a strong sense of play, bright mischievousness, musicality and sensuality to her carefully crafted routines. Vixen Valentine has performed internationally in shows and festivals across Europe including the Munich Burlesque Festival (2014/2015), Como Lake Burlesque Festival where she was awarded Most Comedic (2014), Strasbourg Burlesque Award (2015), and the Geneva Burlesque Festival (2016). She holds a Master of Fine Arts in Physical.