Life After Outing

This class is a motivational workshop focusing on how I handled being outed and forced to resign from my job because of my pursuit of artistic expression! I will also open the floor to questions students may have on how to protect themselves before, during and after being "outed". I am open to talk about all aspects of my rise to infamy and how I have survived.
Feb. 7, 2016, 10 a.m. - 11 a.m.
William Dawes B

About the Teacher - Lottie Ellington

Lottie Ellington is Virginia’s infamous “Twerking Teacher” who's "Twerk BROKE Hopewell"; Lottie has a unique style, comedic wit and a flair for the dramatic; she revels in keeping the audience on the edge of their seats! ” Lottie began dancing at the age of 4 and continued studying various types of dance throughout her life. She has studied the art of the tease while honing skills as a performer, she has studied jazz, hoop dance, hip hop dance, fan dance, Congolese dance, ballroom dance and belly dance. Her numbers are usually comedic in nature and primarily considered to be a Neo-Burlesque/Nerdlesque performer however she is a well-rounded performer and has been expanding her range of "Classic Burlesque" numbers. Lottie made her Burlesque debut in 2011 and has continued pushing the boundaries of Neo Burlesque. She has performed in the Michigan Burlesque Festival, The Great Burlesque Expo in Boston, Fierce Burlesque Festival, and recently won the title of Burly Pics Michigan’s 2015 Master of Assels.