Controlling Your Body to Bump and Grind

Using Egyptian Belly Dance techniques we will focus on making your bumps sharper and your grinds smoother. Through isolation, repetition, and variation on a singular movement, we will begin to expand our movement vocabulary and develop skills for finding different qualities of movement within the same movement.
Feb. 7, 2016, 9 a.m. - 10 a.m.
William Dawes A

About the Teacher - Freaky Candy

Born in Rome, Silvia grew up studying ballet from the age of 5. In 2006 she shifted her attention to belly dance, at first performing in Rome with Azadi, and from 2010 with Leyla Nur in Rimini. In 2011 Silvia became captivated by the dramatic and magical world of Burlesque and started studying in Rimini . The year after, as Freaky Candy, she started performing with the Cirque Burlesque Company and in April 2013 she won the title of “Miss Riccione Burlesque Festival”. Now an established performer, Silvia continued her adventure with the Cirque Burlesque Company, performing at many different theatres across Italy. In May 2014 she guest-starred at the Cirque Burlesque Festival 2014, and in June she was selected to participate in the first edition of Como Lake Burlesque Festival, taking part in the “Queen of the Lake Competition”, alongside many international performers. After that she starts her solo career and to study with International Burlesque Stars. During the next months she performs and co-produces a brand new “Extravaganza Show”, with the “Red Silk Dolls” Company and Burlesque Show with national and international performers, in Misano Adriatico/Riccione. On 19th March 2015 she performs out of Italy for the very first time, in Munich, at the International Opening Show of the Munich Burlesque Festival 2015 ( Drehleier Theatre) . Freaky Candy’s international career begins to advance and on 12 June 2015 she debuts in U.S. at the Classic Burlesque Show of the Windy City Burlesque Festival in Chicago (Stage 773). Once back home from the States she is selected to participate to the Amsterdam Burlesque Award 2015 – 22 November 2015 – Sunday Matinee Show ( CMA Zaal). Freaky Candy produces Show and Workshop with Grace Hall, the Italian Queen of Burlesque, in Rimini and Riccione and Burlesque workshops and courses in collaboration with National and International Performers. Freaky Candy’s acts are a mixture of refined and graceful movements, joined with self-irony and humor. Her performances often involve audience participation, which – according to her – is the best way of letting people discover the exceptional world of Burlesque.