The Art of Comedy: Breaking the Pattern

Funny is Sexy! Learn how to bring out your own unique, hilarious self through this movement based workshop! Even the most elegant and classic burlesque acts can utilize humor through the basics of comedy: innovation, surprise, and commitment! Through the use of traditional acting methods and improvisational techniques, students will leave class with a greater understanding of comedy and their own power to "Make 'em laugh!" *Students, please bring a notebook and a costume piece you can remove (gloves, hat, boa, etc.), and dress for basic movement.
Feb. 6, 2016, 4 p.m. - 5 p.m.
William Dawes A

About the Teacher - Cherie Nuit

Creeping out of the darkness, hailing from the mystical land of Baltimore, comes the darling of the night, the girl who's weird in all the best ways! As a classically trained actress with a degree specializing in performance art, Cherie now finds herself as an innovator and boundary pusher in the DC/Baltimore area as well as a co-producer of Hot Night Productions, the show where bump-and-grind meets blow-your-mind! As if producing wasn't enough, Cherie is also a co-founder of Baltimore's Neo-Burlesque troupe Bawdy Shop Burlesque. With her fellow Bawdies they bring an uncompromising commitment to their work. Nothing is half-assed... it's full-assed or nothing! Nothing can stop this vivacious and curvaceous bad-ass as she makes her way across the country! Known for her award winning numbers at the Great Burlesque Exposition, Alterna-Tease Neo-Burlesque Festival, and Great Southern Exposure, Cherie Nuit can also be found performing semi-regularly in NYC as well as nationally. In an article featuring Cherie Burlesque Beat says "This is the burlesque I love: funny, provocative and strange." Audiences, you're not ready for this. Bringing light to the darkness, it's Chérie Nuit, Baltimore's darling of the night.