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    Are you a person? Then this class is for you! Whether you’re new or experienced, a stage kitten or an emcee, a performer or a techie, or even a longtime observer wanting to participate, learning the ins and outs of being the best stage kitten you can be is an essential tool to add to your belt. Being a stage kitten might seem like a simple job involving picking up clothes and setting up props, but there is SO much more to it! There is also a common misconception that being a stage kitten is a stepping stone to being a “real” performer. In reality, a good stage kitten can truly make or break a show and alleviate a lot of stress for everyone involved. Sound scary? Don’t worry, it’s tons of fun, and you’ll be learning from (and playing with) the best of the best!


    In this frolic-filled workshop, we will explore:

    -what the role of “stage kitten” really entails (heh)

    -staying efficient and sexy at the same time

    -why your love of taking care of people is perfect for this

    -being prepared for (almost) anything

    -staying “in character”

    -troubleshooting and problem solving before, during, and after shows

    -the glamorous stuff

    -the way less glamorous stuff

    -having insane amounts of fun while taking your job incredibly seriously

    -tricks of the trade: special tips, tricks, and little-known secrets that make your job easier

    -self-care: important ways to look after your body, mind, and spirit before, during, and after shows

    -the significance of the filthy-sounding title of this workshop


    My hope is that you will leave this class with a mew--ahem, new--skill set that you will be able to apply to future stage kittening endeavors, a fresh excitement for giving this often-overlooked job a try (or another try), and an appreciation for the kittens in your community. Also a smile. I really hope you leave with a smile.


    What to bring:

    Your beautiful selves! I also recommend a notebook/writing implement and wearing clothes you can move in that make you feel sexy. Knee pads might come in handy if your knees are sensitive. Come prepared to work and play!


    This class is open to people of all genders and experience levels.

    April 18, 2021, 3 p.m. - 4:30 p.m.
    Morse Room
    Morse Room at
    The Bridge at 211
    211 Bridge St.
    First floor
    Salem, MA 01970

    About the Teacher - Guilted Lilly

    Guilted Lilly has been described as "a classically trained Siren who can switch from musical theater to jazz standards at the drop of a hat." With the face of an angel, the mouth of a sailor (convenient given her Siren-like voice), and curves that would make even the Goddess of Love herself swoon, this multi-faceted flower of the evening is sure to surprise you. Along with her onstage appeal, she is an expert Stage Kitten who has worked with new performers and legends alike, and is always trying to raise the bar by showing that Stage Kittens should be (and are) a great deal more than just sexy outfits and picking up clothes. Lilly is the co-founder and artistic director of Shakesperotica, a whimsical combination of two of her favorite art forms: Shakespeare and burlesque! When she's not onstage, she enjoys helping the tech experts with hanging lights, building sets, running cables (she loves to crawl under the stage), or fixing costumes. She speaks French, volunteers at a parrot sanctuary, buys glitter ten pounds at a time, loves to frolic, and has a miniature poodle named Loki. She also happens to strongly dislike talking about herself in the third person. Lilly spells her name with three Ls.