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  • Sex and Elegance

    An exploration of sensuality through movement.

    Part discussion, part movement, we are going to talk about sex and sexiness in terms of how we view ourselves on and off stage.

    In the movement portion, we will take some of these concepts and apply them to our movements, focusing on creating beautiful lines and flow. (yes, we will do some floorwork, and I'll help people cheat it who can't.)

    Heavy notes in audience engagement, energy, intention, body language, enticement, sex appeal.

    April 18, 2021, 2 p.m. - 4 p.m.
    Hill Room
    Hill Room at
    The Bridge at 211
    211 Bridge St.
    First Floor
    Salem, MA 01970

    About the Teacher - Sheila Starr Siani

    This sensual​ supernova burned up the stage in 2013 at the inaugural Hollywood Burlesque Festival, taking the title as the first Miss Hollywood Burlesque. Her love affair with dance began as a child with the usual ballet, tap, and jazz. Her ​intrigue with​ fertility ​and courtship ​ dances and interest in the seductive arts led her onto the strip club stage. ​​ Siani ​has blended all of these styles and is an erotic and elegant striptease artist, who drips puddles of sex on the stage.​