Act Applications Now Closed

We are no longer accepting submissions from performers.  All notifications will go out by February 29, 2020.  Application fees were on a "Pay What You Can" basis and here is the philosophy behind doing it this way.

Howard Awards Change

This year, as a nod to our new home, the categories for Howard Awards have been magically transformed! They are now Most Bewitching, Most Enchanting, Most Spellbinding, Most Magical, and Most Wicked.

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Our Lucky 13th Edition!

2020 Dates & Location Announced

April 17-19, 2020 in Salem, MA

For twelve years, the annual Great Burlesque Exposition bumped and ground its way into Boston, bringing with it three days and nights of rhinestones, feathers, fabulous performers, stimulating classes, shopping and exhibitions... and snow.   So much snow. Originally The BurlExpo was over Easter Weekend and we had lovely spring weather (or at worst, some rain) every year.  When we moved to the weekend before Valentine's Day to keep the costs of the hotel rooms down, we seem to have invoked the wrath of some northern gods, because more often than not, we got hit with snow the weekend of the event – and not just snow, but a world-class blizzard that paralyzed planes and rendered roads impassable.  After several years of this, we decided to make a change to later in the year.  Unfortunately, since we want to keep the rooms anything like affordable, we couldn't do that at the hotel we'd been using for the past decade. 

It took the better part of a year to find the right place, but we're thrilled to announce we found a bewtiching spot for BurlExpo13: The Great Burlesque Exposition will take place April 17-19, 2020 in the heart of Salem, Massachusetts! To keep up with what's going on, join our email list or follow us on Facebook ... or both!

Get Involved

The Great Burlesque Exposition wants you! Now is the time to get involved as a high-level organizer.  We're looking for people passionate about burlesque to help make 2020 our best year so far.  If you're intested in being part of the steering committee, please email us with a little bit about you and what you're interested in.