The Great Burlesque Exposition is the fastest growing event in the burlesque world. 
A unique combination of performance festival, professional development conference, and tradeshow –
we expect more than 500 people to travel from all over the world to attend our event this year!  

Booth prices go up on December 1!

As we have been for the past eleven years, we are at the luxurious Hyatt Regency Cambridge (575 Memorial Drive, Cambridge, MA).   The conference hotel is minutes from Harvard Square, Central Square, and M.I.T. There is plenty of parking and a shuttle bus from the local MBTA stations for those shoppers without cars.  Discounted parking is available at the hotel’s garage and there is a loading dock for those vendors who need it.

We strongly encourage all exhibitors (not just salon vendors) to stay at the Conference Hotel. Carting your goods back and forth, or having to run back to another hotel if you have forgotten something is no fun for anyone.

We will do our best to get everyone in; priority will be given to those who get their applications in earliest. We also consider whether your product or service is appropriate for the burlesque community and similarity to other vendors (i.e., the third vendor of a particular type of good or service is going to have a harder time getting in than the first vendor of that type). 

We strongly suggest you get your complete forms in as early as possible. We will not “hold” a booth for you if you send an application without payment. Any vendor who is not accepted for any reason will receive a full refund.

Your suggestions, feedback, and ideas are always welcome. If you have any questions about the exhibit space, don’t hesitate to or email our vendor coordinator.

Win a Free Booth

Vendors who sign up before November 15 are included on our ticket giveaway.
All vendors who sign up before November 15 have their business name listed on our free Fan Admission tickets.  These tickets are distributed by all of our vendors, at special events, and throughout the country for the two months leading up to The Great Burlesque Exposition.  They may be redeemed for a free fan admission, and the vendor who has the most tickets redeemed with their name on them gets a free booth for The Great Burlesque Exposition of 2019!