Shop 'til You Drop!

The Great Burlesque Exposition offers a fabulous shopping experience, no matter what your desires! Our Fashion Fair, is located on the first floor of Salem's Old Town Hall, 32 Derby Square, Salem MA. Open on Saturday and Sunday, from noon until 8:00 p.m., it's home to dozens of delightful vendors selling everything you need, whether you're a professional performer or just want to look spectacular!

The Vintage Fashion Fair is also home to our Costume Display, and our Art Exhibit.


A Beautiful Corset

Unmatched World-class Quality Corsets ~Tamar is a professional corset fitter for the prestigious Vollers Corset Company. Fittings are normally by appointment only and bo... (more)

Amaranth & Rue

Artisan soaps, lotions, cosmetics, massage oils handcrafted in small batches and luxuriously scented. I also carry a small amount of costuming and accessories from my ad... (more)

Lust Beads

Lust Beads delivers erotic jewelry for you to wear and enjoy. Because who doesn't deserve the best? Nipple chains and dangles (for pierced and non-pierced wearers), Mors... (more)

Voltaire Design Studio

corsets, burlesque corsets, pasties, jewelry, custom rhinestoning, handmade burlesque fans

Farasha & Su'ad Dance & Designs

Bling, glorious bling -- earrings, earring/necklace sets, bracelets, hair clips and other shiny stuff to enhance your look and add that certain glow! Co... (more)