2017 Howard Award Winners

Best Soloist UmA Shadow

Best Group not awarded

Most Beautiful Diamond DeVille

Most Classic Roxy Reckless

Most Humorous Boysinberry Cupcake

Best Hybrid Lady Sapphire Noir


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The MINI Burlesque Exposition of 2017

Saturday, July 29, 2017 ... and maybe more!
The Thalia Theatre 288-A Green St., Cambridge MA 02139

With apologies to the folks who would like to attend but who the end of July dates don't work for, it looks like the summer #miniexpo will be the weekend of July 28-30. Applications should be open the first 2-3 weeks of May with notifications going out in early June, which would give applicants about 7-8 weeks notice of their acceptance. There will also be some classes, but not nearly the conferencextravaganze that is usually at a BurlExpo. Also, no exhibit space, although some select vendors during the show(s).

Right now, we're keeping this small. 1-2 shows (probably both on Saturday night), 1-2 tracks of classes (probably all on Saturday), a performer welcome party on Friday night or a performer brunch on Sunday morning. If it turns out we get a ton of people, we'll add another show on Friday night.